Vote Early! Vote Often!

So a couple days ago an email arrived from a Silver Lake neighbor signed only with “Teeeeem” who wrote about enjoying the photos on my Flickr site and suggested I submit images to be considered for this upcoming exhibition at the next L.A. County Fair, sponsored by the Shed Research Institute.

The cool thing about the exhibit’s selection process is that not only is it an open call for photographic works from the online community at-large, but then rather than the submissions bbeing determined by some sort of panel they are preliminarily judged by that same community, and it’s done via the random head-to-head pairing of images from which voters select their favorite of the two. In addition the guidelines for the subject matter of the images and their manipulation is very broad so pretty much anything goes.

As shown below I chose to submit a variation on the magnolia blossom I captured and posted to a couple days ago and so far it’s doing pretty well against the competition — and there’s some really good competition. At last count Magnolia Blossom With Bee is batting better than a .700 average, having won 61 of 87 “battles” (their term, not mine).


So not only do I suggest you participate by submitting your own images but I’d wholeheartedly encourage you to go vote — for mine and mine and mine and any other faves you find… and mine.