0706 Hours: First!

I took a nice spin around the Silver Lake reservoir with fellow bloggers Mack Reed and Sean Bonner this eeeeeaaaaarly morning, meeting at 6 a.m. (yikes but Mack’s the early rising man!) in the parking lot next to Spaceland for a clockwise cruise a couple times around the water to help get Sean back in the saddle of his recently tuned Kona roller and reacquainted with his long domant inner-cyclist.

It was a great way to get the blood moving and the rings around the not-so-bright water were smooth and easy save for some trouble with Sean’s shifters and chain — that and it was his first time back on two-wheels in something like four years. I hope he works the kinks out enough to make it to this Friday’s Midnight Ridazz ride.

After saying our farewells I was on the way home at a few minutes before 7 a.m. and in my infinite apptitude to be prepared I’d stuffed my sample ballot in my pack so I decided to swing on by the precinct and take care of  my right, privilege and duty in participating in the democratic process.


Turns out I was the first to vote at my polling place, something I’ve secretly always wanted to be. Another dream realized!