Badge Of Honor Badge Of Geek

OK so if it wasn’t absolutely clear that I am equal parts little kid and bike geek extraordinaire, then this latest acquisition will pretty much make it indisputable:


Indeed, it is correct that not only did I actually pay real money for this (somewhere around $40-$50), but I designed it from after seeing a post on Boing Boing on the business of phony or quasi-offficial badges being displayed by persons impersonating law enforcement with a link to the place.

There was some talk at tonight’s IAAL•MAF river ride that the authentic looking and high quality shield could have the potential to be misinterpreted by some to be something official and that may be, but other than wearing it proudly on my pack I don’t plan on flashing it around. That and I was deliberate in not using any misrepresenting terms like “officer” or “police department” ” or deputy.”