This One’s For Joz And Her Daddy

I’ve written before about my long connection with the Daily Word, and though I comport myself as so godless a heathen on so many occasions it might come as a contradiction that I maintain — however tenuous — the conceit of a spiritual connection to the Lord.

But I do.

The last several days that I’ve been reading my Daily Words I’ve been doing so with my friend Joz in mind for her and her father, who sustained a brain hemorrhage Saturday morning. I want to share today’s with you and ask that however you put positive into the world be it with prayer or ritual or thought, do so for her and her daddy.

— • —

God is my guide, my comfort, and my strength.

A wise woman once offered this comfort: Imagine your life as a staircase — each step is a part of your journey. Some steps are smooth and unobstructed. Some steps have cracks or loose stones. Now picture a strong and secure handrail alongside each step of the staircase; that handrail represents the strength and security we have in God.

Along our journey through life, God is with us. We meet each day with assurance because God is ever present as our guide, our comfort, and our strength in every situation.

We are supported by God’s assuring presence throughout our journey in life. God never fails us. No matter what the circumstance may be, God is within us — guiding, comforting, and strengthening us. God is surrounding us — uplifting and steadying us.

“On the day I called, you answered me, you increased my strength of soul.” —Psalm 138:3

— • —

God bless Joz and her family and her father.