I Call It “Action/Reaction”

It’s simple really. Formulaic as a+b=c even. Here, allow me to illustrate with today’s example:

Inconsiderate Lazy Jerktard (a) + Vehicle Said Jerktard Left Blocking My Driveway (b)

= Parking Ticket (c)

UPDATE (4:02 p.m.): And here’s a couple more, just for fun:

I can only wonder if the occupants even bothered to check how much of their asswagon was jutting into my ingress/egress space…


And here’s the prize-winning POV from inside my truck looking out the driver’s side mirror. For those who doubt the impact these asshats have on my ability to enter and exit the garage, see how close I am to the wall and how much little wiggle room I have?


Just so it’s clear I’m no levelheaded sumbitch… when I returned home from my errands and the vehicle was still there I hopped up dramatically atop the Assburban’s rear bumper and after glaring at every window and doorway that had the potential to be framing whoever the flaming buttthead is that owns this global killer, I proudly and loudly hawked up one heckuva spitball and splattered it all down its tinted rear window where it dried almost immediately in this excessive heat. Then I took my time looking around again to see if that had brought about any reaction. Seeing none, I disembarked and adjourned inside.