Quick Hit: Justice Fatigue

In reading the story of the suspect arrested in the JonBenet Ramsey murder case in yesterday’s L.A. Times I turn to the inside and find a picture of a woman placing a note at the Georgia burial place of JonBenet’s mom Patsy (who died in June of this year from ovarian cancer). The note reportedly reads “Dearest Patsy, Justice has come. Rest in peace.”

I know I’ve beaten the dead horse before on this point, but exactly what justice has come lady? An ARREST has been made of a SUSPECT who is INNOCENT of the charges until PROVEN GUILTY by a jury of peers in a court of law — not by you at the gravesite of the bereaved and deceased mother.

Justice may very well be on its way lady, but it ain’t here yet. And your ignorance, won’t move it here any faster.