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The odometer on The Phoenix this morning stands at 1296.2 year-to-date miles, and I’ve done a decent share this week-to-date as well. Tuesday morning begin with the usual Silver Lake Reservoir rounds and I circled her four times for about 12 miles to and from my house. Then Tuesday evening I was invited to participate in the scout patrol for next month’s Midnight Ridazz and all in that came close to 26 miles roundtrip. Then last night before my weekly Wednesday night river romp I ended up totaling another 24 miles by first pedaling downtown to the LAPD Central Station on East Sixth Street to complete the required waiver for a Skid Row ride-along (that should have been happening right now, but instead got canceled due to the officer I was to accompany getting called to court) before heading up to Atwater Village and up into Griffith Park and back.

Which brings us to tonight for my Thursday night roll where I’ll be saddling up for IAAL•MAF’s first invitational ride, bascially a replay of the Hello Dahlia ride we did a couple weeks ago, only this time with laminated spoke cards and a larger turnout as we’ve been promoting it through various online avenues in the bike community:


It’ll be interesting to see what the actual attendance ends up being. My conservative guess is somewhere between 20 and 30. By the way, that image of Elizabeth Short above is an actual pavement stencil I’ve seen around the neighborhood (in this case serendipitously by the Spaceland club on Silver Lake Boulevard where we gather for our Tuesday morning rides) with text underneath that enigmatically reads “Silver.” No idea if that’s the artist’s name or what the message might mean, but of course I photoshopped it out and added the ride’s title.

Anyway tonight should total out to another 26 miles (give or take), so that’ll add up to 88 miles since Tuesday. Certainly not Lance Armstrong numbers, but definitely the most I’ve posted in three consecutive days since my 2003 SF-to-LA ride.