The This Is My Life Ride

Sitting here this morning frustrated and depressed and wondering why, after what I felt was an excellent interview last week, I hadn’t gotten a call from the company with a job offer, I cracked open the Gmaps Pedometer website and started looking back over my life via the places where I’ve lived it.

Next thing I knew I was charting the course of a bike ride that would bring me past each of the 16 addresses I’ve had since I was born. It totals 58.4 miles and looks a little something like the outline of a stegosaur:


There’s a larger version of the static image here, or you can zoom in/out and all around live via this link here. Not sure of the if/when I might undertake this all-day sucker as my time at this point is much better spent pursuing a full-time gig rather than chasing down ghosts of my past… but still, there are worse ways to wallow.