Carving Party

Susan and I aren’t frequent party givers… in fact the last time we had people over to the house for an organized thing was our post-wedding reception in June 2005. So when Susan said she wanted us to host a pumpkin carving party I was all for it, especially when she decided that the menu would feature her scrumptious pumpkin soup and a dessert of homemade pumpkin bread with “honey and spice buttercream” icing.

It was great to see Manny and Steve and Alice and Florie and Billy and their Isabella (who is already 3 years old!) and Rachel and Eric and after dinner we got down to some gourd-gutting that resulted in these four jacks:


[click image to biggify]

From left: Susan went nicely stylized with a black cat made from stacking a pair of pumpkins spraypainted black. Alice’s stenciled witch was wicked and Steve’s more traditional lantern strikes an excellent balance of sinister and silly. Mine on the right… freeform at its WTF-ist. I really don’t know what I was going for. Jack Dempsey? Broderick Crawford? Who knows and who cares (though I did later add a couple pennies to give the eyes a bit more detail).

All I know is we had a blast catching up and hanging out with everyone.