A Day At The Beach


Well, we’re back from our boomerang trip across to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The traveling was easy and uneventful and on-time and while we were there we enjoyed an excellent unconventional “southern boil” feast for Thanksgiving with Susan’s folks who are within a stonecrab’s throw of a magnificent stretch of white sand and surf that’s loaded with all sorts of shells, seabirds and stuff. Susan and I took two good walks on it, one to the north on Thursday and then another south this morning.

We got home to find my mom’s nerves a little frazzled from having to care for our zoo, but she managed, and all our four-legged fiends were none the worse for wear.

I’m hoping the next time we’re down Myrtle Beach way we can stay an extra day and go explore Charleston which is only about an hour’s drive.

A photoset of pix can be found here on Flickr.