Happiness Is…


Susan got word from her mom that her grandma and uncle Jim up in Troy, Montana (where we enjoyed July 4 in 100-degree heat) are currently dealing with 14 inches of snow that a storm dropped on them.

Meanwhile back in L.A. today it was 80 degrees and gorgeous — especially so because I got on my bike and participated in bikenow.org’s Car-Free Hauliday Toy’s ‘n Mittens ride that consisted of an easygoing cruise through Los Feliz Village and Silver Lake on our way to our destination and beneficiary, the Sunset Hollywood Free Clinic.

I went a hair overboard on my toys ‘n’ mittens run at the local 99-cent store, spending close to $20 on… well, toys and mittens, figuring all together wrongly that the gifts would be collected at the beginning of the ride. Thankfully, my friend Steve had a big enough backpack that he could spare me from having to roll with a plastic bag full o’ stuff strapped to my handlebars.

Afterward, I followed Steve and Alice who took me on an awesome ride that featured awesome vistas while transecting Elysian Park where I self-snapped the above portrait of me just loving life.

A Flickr photoset of the afternoon is here.