Morning Moon

It wasn’t to long ago that on a Tuesday morning at 6:08 a.m. I’d be out with some of my fellow cyclist buds rotating around the Silver Lake reservoir. Of late if I’m up at this time (which is pretty common any day of the week) I’d be gearing into the morning routine: putting the coffee on, refreshing the animals’ water and food bowls, scooping the litter box, getting the paper, remembering my name, and wondering why is it again that I’m up before the dawn.

Instead I broke out the camera and tripod for another scintillating chapter in my ongoing attempts to photograph a full moon without it looking like a hole in the velvet through which light’s streaming. And with earth’s solitary natural satellite sinking slowly in the northwesterly sky over the Micheltorena ridge, I finally got something in the form of f5.6 at 160th with my 70-300 Tamron cranked fulll-out:


Sure it’s super-cropped and blownout from its actual size* and it won’t win any awards, but at least there’s some detail in its surface, which is a far, far better snap I’ve done in aaaaaalllll my previous attempts.

Good morning.

*Click for actual size.