The L.A. Times Gives Me Some Love

Word got back via Andrew at Liquid Premium, who emailed me with the news that the L.A. Times shined a light on my interview on this past week with the unknown artist responsible for the growing number of wooden birds hanging from wires over intersections throughout the city (and beyond in Santa Barbara, San Francisco and, as of this week, New York). The Times not only posted it on their website, but found room for it on the second page of the Arts & Music section of this Sunday’s Calendar… which I’d missed this morning and had to go digging through the recyclables bin to retrieve it for posterity a a digicam snap:

[click image for large version]

Interestingly enough both online and in print the Times ran the photo I’d taken of one of the birds back in September, but without any type of photo credit. Is that greedy of me to want that credit? I don’t think so. Greedy would be me wanting some level of compensation for my work being used for free by the Times to fill its news hole.

Instead I’ll take whatever measure of exposure the mention provides as payment enough.