Message For You Sir!

Get home from a long day to my baby who welcomed me with open arms and dogs that were happy to see me and there was a package in the mail that Susan couldn’t wait for me to open. Inside was a very pleasant surprise:


A bird of our very own — from the “Bird Man” artist I interviewed last week for At the end of the phone call, the guy asked me if I’d like one and I said hell yeah and reeled off my address pretty much figuring I’d believe it when I held it in my hands and gazed upon it with my eyes. After all this was a young whippersnapper in the midst of packing for a New York excursion, and one of them artist types to boot. He had a million better more hipper things to do than stand in line at the Venice P.O.

Well shame on me for being doubtful.

I’m tempted to honor the gift by displaying it from somewhere on high in the manner it’s meant to be displayed: dangling from a string outside. But I may just keep it inside where it’s safer and warmer.

Oh yeah: and our Christmas cards arrived, too. From, made with a holiday-ized image from one of the places we visited on our roadtrip this summer:

[click image for larger version]