It’s Gonna Be A Pic ‘N Save Christmas!

At a place of my employment in another life long ago, there worked a fellow named Mark who I remember most for his exceptional and sarcastic humor. Back during that time there was a chain of stores now called Big Lots but then called Pic ‘N Save and the tagline that appeared on all their holiday advertisements at the end of one of the years then was “It’s Gonna Be A Pic ‘N Save Christmas!” as if that was something to excitedly anticipate.

Well said coworker Mark, upset that the bossman had decide  he wasn’t handing out bonuses one season, cut the headline out from a Pic ‘N Save newspaper ad and mounted “It’s Gonna Be A Pic ‘N Save Christmas!” in big 72-point festive red lettering right to the front of his desk.

That was funny enough to me, but he’d always follow it up with kind of a midwesternish matter-of-fact way of turning the phrase that was both biting and reverent that can still make me chuckle just thinking about it oh these 20-plus years later — especially since that’s what this Christmas is going to be for me.

Certainly I’m happy and thankful to be working presently and for many other things such as my health and that of my wife and our families and our animals, and even though we’ve elected not to go crazy with the gift-getting, that didn’t stop us yesterday from spiriting up the foyer with a fine and fragrant and noble noble fir:


Merry Christmas!