Carroll Avenue Is A Buncha Humbugs


Susan was in the mood for some Christmas decoration. Candy Cane Lane in Woodland Hills was too far. So I suggeted Christmas Tree Lane in Altadena, but Susan wasn’t up for that trek either so we wound up hopping nto the truck and making a meandering loop beginning with the above house one block over from us that always goes gloriously way over the top each holiday (some other images of it are here on Flickr).

Our goal was historic Carroll Avenue with its gorgeous Victorian homes, but before that we went down and crossed the First Street Bridge which was strewn with red, green and white lights for the season and then to City Hall and its huge Christmas tree.

Carroll Avenue, alas, was even more disappointing than it was when we cruised it hoping for some Halloween decor at the end of October. Aside from the occasional Christmas tree, and an electric santa or snowman peering out from an attic window, the most prominent of the homes were unilluminated. I can forgive them not creeping their houses out for Halloween, but this I just don’t get. You’d think the homeowners would go gonzo living in houses that look like Christmas presents by themselves. I’m not talking as excessive as our neighbor’s house pictured above, but is a string of lights along the porch railing too much to ask?

Apparently so.