Photo Finish

Maybe something was trying to tell me my time  at my temp gig this morning was fleeting but I was only listening subconsciously. Either way, for the 2.5 weeks I’d been working in El Segundo, each time I’d park in the employee parking structure I kept on promising myself I’d drive up to the highest level and get shots from the north and south sides.

Well, this morning I did it — and a good thing, too, because by this afternoon I was told my services were no longer needed (see earlier post below for the boring details).

The two shots I got aren’t all that interesting but they provide a low-flying bird’s-eye view of a seldom seen side of LAX to the north of the structure  and an even more unseen expanse to the south, like so:


[click here for maxified version on Flickr]


[click here for maxified version on Flickr]