Back On The Fit Train

Seeing as my parting gift from the temp gig I had for the last couple weeks was a bug from whoever that started off as a sinus infection a few days ago but yesterday pretty much blew up into a full-on headcold (that 28-mile megaloop ride Saturday probably didn’t help) it will probably be a few days before I get physical. But starting tomorrow it’s time to get calorical again via

That free online program enabled me to drop 52 pounds, going from 260 pounds last January to an adult record low of 208 by the time we got back from our roadtrip vacation in the middle of July (speaking of the roadtrip incidentally, thanks to Susan picking up the ball I dropped and doing the photo selecting, I’m happy to announce that our 2007 calendar is now available for purchase over at my shop on

Since the summer I’ve been playing it by ear keeping myself around the 215 mark, but beginning with all that leftover candy from Halloween and continuing through to today with a soon-to-come visit to my mom’s for her homemade Hoppin’ John, I have taken full advantage of the eating season while turning a blind eye to the scale.

So I stepped on it today and in fear of finding 225 or more on the read out, I was pleasantly surprised to find myself at 221… better than expected. And so Susan and I get ready to get our slim back on again, with my goal being to get down to 195 by the end of May. Only this time in addition to my cycling and walking I’m going to be including daily crunches and pushups in the mix.

I figure by L.A. Marathon day at the beginning of March I’ll be back around the 210 zone and ready to walk the 26.2 miles and finally attain that long-elusive six-hour walking finish time.