Gonna Be A Ch-Ch-Ch-Chilly Ridazz Tonight

The forecast is calling for near-record lows as a high-pressure arctic-fueled cold front settles atop greater L.A. this evening and drills city temperatures down to the realm of 33 degrees — basically one notch above freezing. If so I wouldn’t be surprised if there’ll be some frosty stuff visible from our kitchen window on the lower levels of the San Gabriels tomorrow morning.

Wouldn’t be the first time snow’s shown itself from that vantage point.

But to those who say nay to cycling in such superbrisk conditions I say yay what a glorious and unique night for the monthly Midnight Ridazz bike ride (or should I say “Brrrrrridazz”) — albeit one in which I plan to be sporting not only an underlayer of tights beneath my pants, but two long-sleeved shirts (one being a turtleneck) under a zipped up and hooded windbreaker. On my hands will be my rarely used frostbite-abating full fingered neoprene gloves. I may even don my balaclava to help protect my ears and nose from any nips by Jack Frost. And such an otherworldly (or at least other-LA’dly) get up is all the better to complement the UFO theme of tonight’s trek that begins from northeast L.A. and journeys to points and places unknown.

Last but not least my pant’s cargo pocket will see the return of my Drambuie-filled flask.