Live-Blogging The Descent Into Madness & Pain, Part II

If you’ve been around me and/or this blog for a bit you might remember that when I did both the bike tour and the marathon in 2005 (with absolutely zero training and 50 pounds heavier than I am now) I chronicled the painfully long day via phonecam snaps and audio blog posts. If you weren’t with me then and wanna check it out you can find them here in the archives of my Blogger blog.

Seeing as I’ll be subjecting myself to both events this March 4 it only made sense for me to live-blog it again as well. But this time I’ve set up a self-contained marathon blog on Blogger that can be found here.

I was sad to find there’s been a discontinuation of the old audblog service that I used to provide narration of the hell I experienced two years ago, but I’m hopeful that I can find another outfit that will allow me to provide regular updates of whatever new swear words progress made throughout that long, long day.