Baby I’m Your Handyman

So this weekend Susan searched for and found a handyman from Angie’s List and shot him an email with a list of around-the-house projects she’d compiled. There’s the leaky fixtures in her bathroom and the plaster that’s peeling away above the tile of the bathtub surround. There’s more plaster and paint peeling in the living room ceiling over the couch and the drafty gap at the bottom of the front door needs filling. Lastly there’s the unused toilet and broken sink in the bathroom-turned laundry room off the kitchen that need removing to give us a little more space/storage in there.

Long story short after she told me she’d contacted the prospective handyman I told her that since my days are basically occupied with job hunting and writing and playing fetch with Ranger and the occasional grafitti clean-up and riding my bike that I’d certainly be willing to tackle them the best I could (and promising to stop if I got beyond my means/comfort zone). Definitely I’m no plumber but if the leaky faucets might only need some new washers and getting rid of the toilet is just a couple bolts, some turns of a wrench and a heave, and the failing plaster is just some scraping, sanding, maybe some spackle and new paint, then I’m pretty much in a decent position to step up and see if I can keep those projects “in-house” so to speak.

Wish me luck.