I’m In

Not sure how big a deal it is if any at all, but after my Question Girl(tm) Joz posted about these Music Center-hosted storytelling workshops on her blog, I clicked on over and synopsized my little tale of whoa — and I do mean whoa! — for their consideration:

For the summer of 1982, my first after graduating high school I worked at a warehouse of a distributor called Georgia Thread Company on Pico west of Central co-owned by my best friend’s father. He and his partner were in the midst of being investigated for insurance fraud, which resulted from a theft that they had staged prior to my working there. It was only a few months after I quit that the co-owner, who had allegedly attempted to blackmail his partner, was murdered in his office and later my friend’s father was tried and convicted of hiring the killer.

There’s much more to it than that, but they limited the description to not many more characters than that.

Lo and behold I was stoked to get a letter confirming my participation in the program, which is a collaboration between the Music Center’s Active Arts program and the Cornerstone Theatre Company, set for the Saturdays of February 17 and March 3, culminating in “an informal sharing of stories at the end of the process for invited guests.”

Not quite sure if I’ll be the one freaking out telling the story or if I’ll just be providing the background for professionals to relay the tale, but it should be very exciting.