So I’m A Fraud

Not really. But Even though I expressed a gung-ho attitude this week toward minimizing the mileage I put on my truck getting to and from work, I ended up only mass-transiting it once and biking it none. Yes, I drove to work four days this week and that’s disappointing enough to the degree that next week I’m vowing to make an all alt-commute extravaganza. Bikes, buses, trains oh my!

If there’s anything resembling a saving grace it’s that I was able to include myself in the 15 miles that was Bike Winter’s Hump Day ride up to the observatory Wednesday night, and I’ll be joining my friend Steve and hundreds of other cyclists for tonight’s third-year anniversary Midnight Ridazz ride that begins at ends at the Brewery Arts Complex northeast of Chinatown.

You can bet with the lateness of the hour upon which I’ll be returning home from that 30-mile ride for some sleep this evening, I’ll need multiple alarms to get me awake and up in time to grab the first downtown bound bus to Philippe’s for breakfast before commencing my potentially precipitational pedestrian march down Sunset 24 miles to the sea.

Indeed, I am unable to dispute or deny any accusations as to how lacking I am in sanity.