Alt-Commute Success

The good news is that with yesterday’s work commute my year-to-date mileage tally stands at 164.9, meaning in the first half of February I’ve already vastly improved on all of January’s slow start of 67 miles.

Trouble is I’m still three miles below where I should have been at the end January 31, which means that to get back on track I’ve gotta roll 170 miles these last couple weeks of February — a short month, too.

While that’s totally doable, it’s not like it’s the last month of the year and I have to all-or-nothing crank it out to catch up. So in the interest of common sense, patience and moderation I’m only going to aim to put another 80 miles away by February 28 and then work it out so I’m all balanced or even in the black by March 31.

Bonus props: I said I wasn’t going to put a work-commute-related mile on my truck this week and I didn’t. Besides biking yesterday, I mass-transitted Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and today, keeping practically a gas tank’s worth of 200 miles off my odometer.

Ed Begley Jr. would be proud.

And tomorrow I’ll be downtown at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion where I’ve been selected to participate in  L.A. Storytellers: A Collection Of Downtown Memories, a series of two workshops being put on by the Music Center and the Cornerstone Theatre Group. I have little idea what’s involved other than a lot of creativity in action.

If you want to read a 3,000-word draft written a few years ago (and dug out of the depths of my hard drive) of the downtown memory I’m contributing, I posted it here.

And of course, I’ll be biking down there.