Watts Going On

I’ve always kicked myself for not making the time and effort required to go see the Watts Towers. Simon Rodia’s unique creation, which he began in 1921 took more than 30 years to build is a monument to individual achievement and artistic expression.

Well at least I’ve “seen” them now. Standing on the platform at the Rosa Parks Green Line Station at Imperial Highway and Wilmington this past Wednesday I raised my camera to get a shot of the hazy downtown skyline in the distance when I spied a couple spires to the right of the 105 Freeway’s Wilmington Avenue exit sign.

[click for large image]

Sure enough it was the two tallest of all the structures Rodia built. And now, more than ever I want to see them upclose… maybe via an impromptu bike ride down there for a tour February 24 or 25.