Day Of Discovery

Though Monday morning started off wet and dreary and disappointing with the cancellation (because of potential thunderstorms) of a whale watching excursion out of Redondo Beach  that I’d planned on going on with my friend Cybele, it turned into a remarkable day of discovery under clearing skies that included first-time visits to the Watts Towers, the Korean Friendship Bell, Pt. Fermin Park and Lighthouse, Wayfarer’s Chapel and San Pedro’s Ports O’ Call.

I can’t think of a single day in my life in L.A. where I’ve taken in so many landmarks I’d never seen before.

A Flickr photoset can be viewed here.

And I was so deeply moved by the monument to the human spirit that Simon Rodia’s Watts Towers are that from practically the moment I got home I got busy planning a group bike ride to them for this coming Sunday afternoon and posting it on the various bike-related calendars like, Bike Boom, and Midnight Ridazz.