Weird. Weirdweirdweirdweirdweird. Sometimes you just can’t anticipate the twists and turns a post might take.

Last Wednesday evening , biking up from El Segundo to West Hollywood, I rolled past the corner of Robertson and Olympic in Beverly Hills to find the southeast corner seriously and semi-psychedelically shrouded. I stopped, dismounted and took a picture of the screen. Then I noticed a small tear in the material and knelt down for a peek. Inside was a far-out structure and some people enjoying some sort of private gathering. I poked my camera through the rectangular tear and documented the scene with a picture. Then I got on my bike and left.

Later on that evening I posted about it here on wondering what the place was, and soon found out the next morning from a reader that it was a new-fangled go-green gas station getting set to grandly open.

End of story. Or at least until today when came a late comment this morning from a “Calvin” who basically disputed my chronology of events, adamantly stating that there was no way I got the photos when I said I did:

Nice photo trick. Just for the record the privacy screen came down on Wednesday the 21st at night and the opening party was on a later date. Had you put a camera through the screen and taken a picture you would of seen wall to wall workers & construction equipment. I see the gas pumps are lighted up so that means this picture was taken after the screen was removed as they did not even have power to them until Thursday night. Looks to me that you took the picture standing next to the price sign. If you dont believe when the screen was removed just check with the local police as they were there checking to see what was going on.

I was helpless not to reply with the following WTF?

Am I catching your drift Calvin? Are you suggesting that I’m pretending to have snapped these two photos on the evening of February 21, sometime around 6:15 p.m.?

What would be the point of that?

Let me get this straight… You’re conjecting that I somehow took the picture of the screen on one day, then because you know believe there was no party Wednesday evening that I came back on an entirely different date and got a picture of the party, thus lying about sneaking the snap through the breach in the barrier.

Your contention is that the party people weren’t there Wednesday night, that the event I captured somehow happened at a later date yet I somehow recorded it, traveled back in time and uploaded it Wednesday?


It’s simple, Cal. I rolled up on my bike that evening of Wednesday February 21 and the screen was still up. I took a picture of it. That screen had a hole in it as indicated, visible in the picture I took. I knelt down on that same Wednesday night and put my cam through and got the shot of all the party people milling about inside. Then I got on my bike and I left. The end.

If you want to go conspiracy theorist and insist that didn’t happen, I got three questions for ya:

1) Why would I go to all that trouble?
2) What are you smoking?
3) Where can I get some?