Sunday’s Gonna Be Beautiful… %*!$&#!


On any given Sunday, a forecast of 80 degrees and sunnywarm would be something to enjoy and look forward to, but not for me on this one coming.

Not this marathon Sunday. 

Susan gave me the “uh oh” heads-up last weekend when she checked the longer-range weather picture and it reported March 4 would see clear skies and temps in the high-70s. Though I hoped for a trend downward, it never came and over the passing days the thermometer expectations have steadily climbed in the wrong direction from 76 right up to today’s prediction of 80.

Like I said, on any given Sunday (or any other day of the year) that would be hawesome, but for me planning on spending a large portion of that day out in it and  steadily pounding a helluva lot of pavement, that’s just irksome.

It may not seem like much from wherever you might be casually and comfortably enjoying that day, but consider the added fatigue/exertion/hydration burden it puts on fools like me who want to maintain a 4-mph pace walking the course’s 26.2-mile distance. 

Let’s put it this way: any hotter — and I’m talking no more than two or three more degrees – and I’m going to accept that a 6- to 6.5-hour finish will be even farther out of reach than it would otherwise be if it were cloudy and 70. In short, at that warmth it won’t happen because I won’t be aiming for it, just aiming to finish.

Any hotter than that and I’m going to have to consider throwing in the towel. Or bringing one.