Marathumbs is the organization that stations photogs at points along the course to grab pix of every participant as they pass by. That’s a lotta lotta shutter clicks. So far, according to its website, identification of only 39% of all the images taken has been completed, which means there might be some more of me later (such as me trotting the last 10 yards to the finish line), but in the meantime, here’s a collage of the captures they got of me in somewhat chronological order from before the start (without hat) to just after the 26 mile mark (clickable to slightly enlarge):


While my faves are the second one and the last one, I particularly like that I was captured pointing and shooting my cam in the seventh one as well.

And by the way… that ain’t no peace sign I’m flashing in some of the snaps above, that’s a two as in dual as in duathlete, which is what I was on this day hell yeah.

UPDATED (03.08): Looks like there were plenty more snaps where those first nine came from. Twenty-four to be exact. Here’s a new composite of thumbs (embiggenable if clicked):