Panoramas Of The Gods

From past visits to this site you might’ve found posts I’ve made featuring a series of images self-stitched together somewhat painstakingly if rudimentarily in Photoshop into side-scrolling panoramas of varying widths, uneven match-ups and differing contrasts.

No longer.

Today I discovered, Calico Panorama from Kekus Digital, which offers a freeware version of the program (whose only sacrrificeis that it embeds watermarks in the resulting finished products). I immediately put it to the test with a string of 13 handheld images I took looking northward across Utah’s Valley of the Gods when Susan and I had just finished passing through there last summer.

The result was as mind-blowing as it was effortless and I’ll be plunking down the $39 for the full version just as soon as I get back from grocery shopping today (click for extra-large version):



Here’s a few more (all clickable):


Bridge To Nowhere, San Gabriel Mountain, Angeles National Forest


Summit of Telescope Peak (11,049 feet), Death Valley National Park


Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania


Los Angeles International Airport


Silver Lake