If The Cars Don’t Fit, You Must Ticket!

In my almost-three years here, I’ve combated a veritable platoon of parking tards who insist on hanging their vehicles’ asses over the edge of our driveway apron to varying degrees of idiocy and inconsideration. Some dangle out juuuuuust enough to make it moderately inconvenient to back out or pull into my side of the tight two-car garage. Others look like they’re purposefully trying to keep me in or out or just intentionally don’t give a damn.

Regardless of the measure of their hangover, I never fail to speed dial the city’s parking enforcement number and request they be stung with a citation for their senselessness. And I never fail to find any humor in the aggravating situation, until this time around. I couldn’t help but guffaw incredulously as I was on hold waiting for a dispatcher and snapping shots of this Mini whose owner was about a foot away from leaving half the car’s length over the line.


See it’s one thing when an SUV or a Volvo wagon plays space invader, but a Mini? What kind of spacially challenged spaz do you need to be in order to accomplish this act of unadulterated dumbfoolery? Seriously, I know this is one of the smallest cars on the market today, but it ain’t that small. Not by three feet.