If A Bike Lane Sucks In The City Does It Make Any Sound?

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 I wasn’t able to accompany my friend and fellow bike advocate Stephen Box (though his advocacy level is to the nth degree where as mine is merely to the third/fourth power) on his ride to the city’s bike advisory committee meeting last night, but fortunately this dude is everywhere and I was able to get a lock on his awesomeness during “American Idol” via a tease to the 11 o’clock newscast regarding a piece on the dangers of the new but poorly realized Santa Monica Boulevard bike lane from Century City to Westwood.

While I didn’t see the actual broadcast, thankfully in this age of the internut I was able to drill around the local Fox News website until I found the segment I was looking for that also features his wife Enci and a mutual acquaintance Eric Knutzen (whose SurviveLA blog I recently found and linked to over in my blogroll).

The dynamic duo of Stephen and Enci are pretty much some of the best friends bikes and riders can have in this town and are pretty much double-handedly responsible for getting the city to allow bikes to the Griffith Park Observatory by making Councilman LaBonge and company realize how much they lamely sucked for daring to prohibit cyclists from visiting the renovated landmark after it re-opened late last year.