Putting My Money Where My Heart Is

So I went a little bid crazy Sunday after biking to the benefit for Trader Joe’s employee Adam Authier who needs money to help combat the mounting medical bills for his recovery from the massive injuries he sustained from a hit-and-run accident while he was cycling home from work near the end of February.

Upon arrival I readily threw the suggested donation into the pot and then hung out for a bit snacking on the fine spread of snackables, listening to musical and acting performances and chatting and perusing the items in the silent auction. In doing the latter I figured what the hell and I bid on several items,  a “Design your own 24 t-shirts,” a handmade book and a wonderful ink, pencil and watercolor of the Shakespeare Bridge in the Franklin Hills donated by Martini Republic’s Joseph Mailander:


The call came yesterday from Adam’s coworker and auction organizer Sonia with the congratulations that I was the winner of  the shirts and the sketch, but not the book — and thank goodness for that small favor. I mean it’s not like my disposable income is at an all-time high… and while I didn’t delay in biking over to Silver Lake TJ’s to settle up last night in hindsight I wish I’d been a bit less enthusiastic at the auction tables.

But what the hell, it’s going to someone who needs the money much more than I do right now, and to show for it I’ve got a nice piece of original art and the fun of figuring out what I want to do with the design of those two dozen shirts.