Crimp My Ride

A couple years or so ago I had been hopeful that I could limit driving my truck enough so that it could roll past our 10th anniversary this coming July 7 without having yet hit the 100,000 mile mark.

To be honest, it’s totally silly and I should just get over it because there’s no real reason for all the drama other than I like the idea of having driven the dependable thing less than 10,000 miles per year. Yes, even if its 9,999.9999999 per year.

Realistically speaking, it’s probably not going to happen or to make it so will take a supreme alt-commute effort, because with just less than three months to go and a fresh extension on my El Segundo gig potentially stretching to the end of May, the odometer stands right now at 99,650.

But at least for the next several weeks until our vacation in May I’m going to give it one helluva nondriving try by pretending I don’t have a truck and alternating between biking and mass-transiting to work and back. When I absolutely positively might need a vehicle I’ll either beg Susan to let me borrow her’s or employ my long-dormant Flexcar membership. I don’t expect I’ll be using it that much, in part because it seems a touch retarded  to spend upwards of $50-plus to use a Flexcar vehicle for a workday in exchange for keeping 40-50 however precious miles off my odometer, but with one of their hybrids stationed as close to me as 1st and Vermont, if I need it to run a couple hours worth of errands on a weekend, at $8 an hour that won’t be at all ridiculous.