Animal Update

Having just watched the live-action version of Charlotte’s Web tonight (by choice; you gotta problem with that?) I wanted to chime in with a brief base touch regarding the present status on some of the animals inside our barn and out:

1) While Susan saw a pair of sparrows sitting in the bougainvillea yesterday in proximity to the nest I put back up inside a new paper lanter the day after the winds destroyed the previous one, as yet there has been no visible sign that they have any interest in returning to it.

2) Bink, who has been ill this past month with a liver condition has shown some improvement these last couple days thanks to Susan’s dedicated nursing and my positive thoughts. He’s been seen grooming himself and nibbling dry food on his own and his general demeanor is more in line with the good old healthy Bink as pictured below (click for biggification). He’s not out of the woods yet, but the tough guy is definitely trying to get there.