Making An OC Day Of It

In just a short bit, my baby and I are going to venture south of the L.A. County Line into Orange County to go see my buddy Billy’s mountain biking documentary Klunkerz on tap this 3:30 p.m. at the Newport Beach Film Festival. As such I suggested to Susan we lunch at the magnificent Sea Food (two words) Paradise restaurant in Westminter’s “Little Saigon” district. This place has some of the best dim sum around (I’ve been craving their butter encrusted shrimp for a looooong time now) and was introduced to me by my Huntington Beach-dwelling friend, former Times Community News coworker Orange Coast magazine editor and now college professor Nancy Cheever back when we were seeing much more of each other and  playing far more tennis and golf together than either of us are playing now — or at least me.