So at 838 year-to-date miles (after I get home tonight) and not even a quarter into the year I’m waaaaaaaaaay ahead where I need to be to reach my biking goal of 2,007 miles by the end of 2007. Far more saner or at least less-obsessed cyclists would let off the throttle and relaaaaaax.

Me? I’ve plugged in the running tote board and added up where I might be mileage-wise if I not only bike the rest of this week, but all of next week, too. Then factor in April 29th’s  40-plus mile City of Angels Fun Ride and May 4th’s highly anticipated RIDE-Arc trek (with its as-yet unknown distance) and conceivably I could be kno-kno-knockin’ in the vicinity of 1,150 miles’ door — and that would be an awesome place to hop out of the saddle for a couple weeks while my baby and I take a sea cruise.