Bestest DMV Experience EVAR!!1111!

So with the job interview and me recalling my childhood insomnia, I totally forgot to give it up about the four-minute visit I paid to the Hawthorne branch of the California Department of Motor Vehicles this morning.

Seeing how I needed to produce proof of a clean driving record for this position I was to apply for, I scrambled yesterday on short notice to make an appointment with the DMV place nearest to the company’s location. Hawthorne it was.

First bonus was that an appointment was available at 9:30 a.m. — the next day! Can I get an amen!! The next and last bonus was that I walked in the door at 9:32 a.m. and was out the door with a printout of my driving record at 9:36. And that included a full minute waiting at the desk where you go if you have an appointment. No sooner did I have a seat after that amidst the massive amount non-appointmented masses with my number F023 when over the intercom comes “Now serving number F023 at window  21.” So I’m up and moving past everyone else who are totally now eyeballing me wondering who the hell I bribed and how much and over to Window No. 21 I go with my number and not two minutes later I’m back out in the Hawthorne sunshine alongside El Segundo Boulevard with my print out in hand and on my merry way.