Ya know, I’m down with this music festival whose name it shares with the valley where it takes place out there happening right now as it does every year. I know there’s a boatload of bands and it’s hot and bottles of water are $20 dollars and the porta-potties are filthy and there’s a whole buncha ancillary shit happening that’s now and wow and far too bitchin’ for someone in my middle-aged demographic to understand.

As such an old fart, you’ll just have to grin and fucking bear it when I beg and plead for everyone to just shut the hell up about it.  I see one more front-row POV freezeframe of some apparently pixel -worthy musician I don’t know or recognize and I’m gonna hurl.  Or worse: a turn-around snapshot of a vast audience in various stages of passing out and or appreciating said musician (98% of whom are far too wasted or dehydrated or both to not look like they’re dead and just don’t know it yet).

It’s a fucking concert. You’re there. I get it. Now put the camera down and enjoy the show before I get really mad.