Coupla Things…

Before I get cracking cleaning and packing and all that jazz, I had to put all of it off this morning and make good on my postscript at the end of yesterday’s post wherein I said I’d try to build up a webpage featuring the piece on Rwanda and mountain gorillas. It was rejected by the L.A. Times,  National Geographic Traveler, Westways, and a coupla Condé Nasty titles and I think Highlights and Weekly Reader. Or True Grit. Or all three. Maybe Car & Driver, too. Or Guns & Ammo.

At least the G&A editors wrote me a note back saying “Thanks, but nuthin’ getz kilt… WTF!?”

Thus finally getting the hint that A) I don’t market my stuff very well and B) no one wants to pay me to publish what I had to say about going to see one of the most critically of critical endangered beings on the planet, I hereby WD-40’d my rusty web skills and tossed it online here under this little masty thingy:


Read all about it here. 

For anyooz relatively new readers onboard  I also unearthed and Youtube’d the three-year-old solo short I made one day mountain biking down from the top of the Verdugos. Just me a tripod and a digicam. Oh yeah, and the skeletal remains of some critter, like so:


I’m thinking it once was part of a mule deer.

And hey, not to miss a blatant connection, this vid was rejected as well.  Answering a call for submissions for any and all biking-related movies, I sent this in and the wise folks that put on the annual Bicycle Film Festival said oh hell no!

Viewable here, with music by Andres Segovia. With his damn permission, too!

Time to get to get bizzy!