Honey I Shrunk The Dennis

So yesterday I’m out sweeping up the front yard (see, I’m one of those obsesso compulsoids that absolutely positively HAS to clean up the house inside and out right before I leave the place for two weeks) and on one of the irises I found this healthy specimen of grasshopper.

So today, Part II of my cleaning chronicles, I’m taking the trash out and dang if not on the same exact flower practically 24 hours ago to the minute after finding “Dennis,” now I find that he’s totally been shrunkerized and that it’s all my fault because obviously some presto-chango electro pulse magneto beam flux anomaly happened with my digital camera getting too close to his antennae and some back to the future thing happend and vwipzam: Dennis ain’t nothing but a peewee version of his former magnificent self.

What, you think I’m nuts!? Well… that’s a given. But you don’t believe me? Then take a looksee you doubting doubter you (click to enlarge):


Either that or Dennis is actually Denise and what I had the awe to behold and the pleasure to present is one of her baby grasshoppers, something I’ve never previously seen before. Perhaps you neither? Well now you have.

Anyway, back to work. There’s dustbunnies need annihilating and a bike ride I need to get to.