My Good-For-Nothing Opinion Is Worth Something!

No sooner had I posted yesterday about my Rwanda and little bike short rejections when e-word came out to me across the internut from the L.A. Times that an op-ed column they solicited from me a couple weeks ago on the city’s plan or lack thereof for a cohesive bicycling network has been given a go-ahead for publication.

Not only that but there’s money involved (and I’m not talking about the somethin’ somethin’ twenty I paypal’d to my friend on the staff there to help it along).  I’m not sure how much and frankly I don’t care, I’m just pleased as punch at seeing a green light instead of another red. Any cha-ching is just gravy.

As to when it’s scheduled to run, I don’t know that either. Most likely sometime after Susan and I’ve left Saturday so if by chance any a yooz get the paper, happen upon my column and can save it for me then you’ll have my grateful apprecation (all right and a twenty, too!).