So, in addition to thoroughly cleaning my desk and the bathroom off the library (leftovers from yesterday’s scrubathon), charging up every battery and packing the camera bag, I also managed to complete a rich and textured list of errands in this order:

  • Orange 20 Bike Shop – To pick up the rebuilt wheel from The Phoenix that’s been done for like two weeks.
  • Library – To drop off Gore Vidal’s “Burr” due back today.
  • Collar & Leash – For a pair of big chew bones for them dawgies while we’re away.
  • Baller Hardware – New toilet seat to replace the broken one on throne in the bathroom off the library.
  • Bank – For some money (and I did a good deed by turning in an ATM card that was left in the slot of the machine I used).
  • Ralphs – For dry dog and cat food and some squashesses for the tortoise nd Diet Peach Tea Snapples for my baby and Diet Pepsi Limes for me.
  • Sav-On (I’m not ready to call them CVS yet) –  For a couple DV tape cassettes
  • Tony’s Barbershop – For a little off the sides and top and tapered in the back
  • Drycleaners – To pick up my tux shirt they pressed
  • Mailbox – To drop my Verizon payment

N0w I’ve got about 2.5 hours to pack before I load up the truck with bicycles and cyclists and we motor on down to Long Beach for what I have no doubt will be a mind-blowing bike ride through the port of Long Beach.