Back from the RIDE-Arc ride all around the massively massive Port of Long Beach safe and sound. I may not have broken the 1,000-mile biking barrier before the trip, but rolling down to the ride, my trusty truck did sail across the 100,000 mile milestone. It had been my hope to somehow keep that from happening until its 10th birthday in July, but if it had to happen early it couldn’t have been better than to have it happen with four bikes strapped down in the bed and four cyclists in the cab (with me was Sean Bonner, Steve Roullier and his wife Alice) on our way to such an awesome excursion.

Anyway, the picture above was snapped during the ride tonight when some of us got inside a humungo warehouse piled high with mountains of coke (the entire Flickr set is here). The scale of everything made me feel like an ant.

I’m gonna try hard to stay up straight through to 4 a.m. when it’ll be time to get ready for the cab that’ll get us to the airport. But I’ve got my cell phone alarm set just in case I nod off here in this comfy chair at my des…