The Man In The White Linen Suit

You might recall my April post detailing the saga of the linen suit my mother purchased for me as an early birthday present.


Well enough with the words, there’s some pixels of the outfit with the blue linen shirt from J. Peterman and the white Johnson & Murphy bucks with me cleaned up and inside it all, snapped on our suite’s balcony by Susan May 14 as we steamed toward Monte Carlo from Corsica just prior to stepping out to attend our final dinner onboard the Regent Seven Seas Navigator. Where and when is there a better to sport such an ensemble? Nowhere and never.

The only thing missing from the picture is a martini.

P.S. The calm of the Ligurian Sea behind me belies the surprise night-long 100-kph windstorm we were to plow into beginning a couple hours later.