Displaying The Colors

I hung Old Glory off the front porch this morning for the Memorial Day weekend. My first time doing so. The base was pre-existing except for being relocated to the column from the front door frame prior to painting the house last year. Had to improvise the pole from a garden stake that I drilled two holes in for the s-hooks.


The flag I’ve had since 2001. Bought it on september 12 from a small place in Burbank that was almost sold out of them. A lot of people were buying flags then. But I only displayed it once and very loudly that first weekend after the horror. I drilled eye hooks into a large wooden post that I then seated and secured to a weighted base used for patio umbrellas. The whole thing then went into the bed of my truck and I proceeded to drive all around the San Fernando Valley with the star-spangled banner flapping and whipping around in the back. Proud to be an American, and all that. Afterward, my pride went a bit more understated via a small flag that I mounted to the inside of the rear window. It hangs there still.

This one though, it came inside and has resided since in a variety of dressers and boxes until I stumbled across it last month and found it rather ingloriously lining the bottom of my sock drawer.

I’m happy to put her to a far more appropriate use.