Getting A Handle On It

2007 has not seen a lot of me digging up the backyard the way I did in 2006. Last year I undertook a number of projects that resulted in some relatively serious — if mostly surface — excavating, and as some of you might recall I came up with a menagerie of metal and glassware, everything from intact whisky bottles that could possibly date back to the Prohibition Era, and a rusted out WWII German infantryman’s helmet.

This year, nothing like that’s come up. And pretty much anything that’s been found is most likely a result from the perpetual plowing performed by Ranger who is many beloved things to us including a dedicated dang diggity diggah dawg.

Which on the heels of the bottle brought up a couple days ago brings me today’s additions (however insignificant) to the Campbell Museum Of Backyarchaelogy: an old iron handle (perhaps at one time to a wooden chest of some sort… treasure maybe!?) and a 1962D penny, both found in two separate places near to some of Ranger’s earth-moving activity (click to enlarge):


Granted, there’s no way to prove the penny didn’t drop out of my pocket last week rather than someone else’s 44 years ago, and the handle isn’t really much more than a momentary curiosity, but to the permanent collection they’ve been added.