An Eventful Ride It Was


Let’s just say that at the same moment I was posing for this timed-exposure (click to enlarge) with The Phoenix in front of the Sepulveda Dam spillway this evening, RIDE-Arc leader Alex barreled by alerting that “The cops are coming! The cops are coming!”

I managed to refrain from bolting and instead held the pose as indeed law enforcement officials arrived in the form of several CHP patrol cars and a small paddy wagon.

Fortunately our sheer numbers and obvious lack of malicious intent were such that they opted to let us go rather than arrest us. Whew.

Photoset here on Flickr.

UPDATE (June 2): And dang if my semi-magnificent powers of recall weren’t put to sweet and sleep-deprived use in charting the 39.9 miles of the ride’s route and the return home from North Hollywood via Gmaps here.