Parts Converging

Agh, what a tangled chain. I had to go to three different online bike sources to get the parts needed to repair The Phoenix, but they’re all ordered and hopefully will be here by Thursday so I can hit the Bicycle Kitchen and reanimate my beloved ride.

  • From Harris Cyclery: Suntour 160mm double ring crankset; Shimano UN54 bottom bracket; crank bolts
  • From Nashbar: time trial handlebars
  • From Performance Bike: 20T Bottom bracket tool and 32mm wrench

Obviously I would’ve like to have gotten everything from one place, but for whatever reasoning, Nashbar no longer carries roadbike cranks for taper-axled bottom brackets (which is why I went last week with the “octalink” (octacrap) compatible cranks and bottom bracket that weren’t compatible with each other and resulted in Friday’s crash). Strangely enough Nashbar carries taper-axled bottom brackets but no appropriate cranks. Nice.

So I went over to Performance and there selection w of brackets and cranksets was minimal and expensive. Thankfully Harris Cyclery in Massachusetts understands that some of us like things old school and had the appropriate pairing (and sizes) of crankset and tapered bottom bracket.

Nashbar also doesn’t carry 20-tooth bottom bracket tools, which is the kind I need to deal properly with the type of BBs I’ve been using. Performance Bike did and they also had time trial handlebars but at $12 more than Nashbar’s.

Confused? Me too.