Batchelder Tile Update

Yeah, so I went off on a couple tile companies yesterday who were too slow for my taste in answering my inquiry about the Batchelder tiles I’d found. Felt good getting that off my chest. But did I give up the search for knowledge? Hell no!  I also traveled down one additional avenue yesterday and sent the same question to the Tile Heritage Foundation.

That very same evening was a response from foundation boardmember Joseph Taylor:


Batchelder stamped his tiles “Pasadena” from 1912 to 1919 (his factory moved to LA in 1920) so the dates are right. Send us a digital picture of the front and back of both tiles. The numbering of the tiles themselves have never been formally deciphered, but it is intriguing nonetheless. Batchelder was known to number every tile so that the installer would know its exact placement; every installation came with either blue or white  prints to make it as easy as possible for the installer.

Now we’re talking!